Super Rugged Safety Mat Systems to Achieve your Total Safety Solution

The extremely durable NSD Pressure Sensitive Safety Mat is available in any shape and size. Pinnacle Systems’ electrical safety mats can be customized for irregular angles, contours, notches or wiring locations to accommodate specific machine guarding applications. The maximum size of a single mat is 72” wide x 144” long and can be designed to any configuration.
The NSD Safety Mat System combines features to meet and surpass both domestic and international safety standards including OSHA, ANSI, UL, and CSA as well as European Standards EN1760‐1, EN954‐1 and EN60204‐1 for CE acceptance.
One of the prominent features of the NSD Safety Mat System is its versatility of controllers available to the industry. Two distinctive controllers are offered which include:
1) The stand‐alone NEMA 12 Metal Box Controller with system diagnostics
2) The DIN‐rail Controller* with system diagnostics
* The DIN‐rail Controller with system diagnostics also offers a separate Remote Status Display panel which can be externally mounted on a control panel door providing machine operators and front line supervisors immediate system status and diagnostics when the DIN‐rail controller is mounted inside the machine control panel.
Additionally, the NSD Safety Mat System has large single mat capability. Pinnacle Systems, Inc. emphasizes versatility in creating single piece mats to ease installation time and costs and also to reduce daisy chain wiring practices required by competitive systems.
Our unique design and wiring system reduces mechanical and electrical installation costs. All products are engineered, serviced and manufactured in the United States. A long two year warranty is available on all NSD Safety Mat Systems. Unique mat designs are our specialty. Contact us today for an affordable answer to your Total Safety Solution.