Scotchman adds Pipe Notchers by ALMI to their product line!

Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions introduces the Scotchman Pipe Notcher by ALMI.  These pipe notchers are top quality, economical and great for high production.  Scotchman pipe notchers are efficient, manually operated, electrically driven machines and abrasive pipe grinders for the notching of gas pipes, steam pipes, stainless steel pipes, and many other types of pipes.  Wherever pipes need to be welded together at an angle, Scotchman pipe notching machines ensure that the correct cope is made quickly and accurately and are ideal for double corner joints.

Scotchman will offer three types of Pipe Notchers:  Manual, Electric and an Abrasive Notcher/Grinder.

1.  The manual machines can easily be mounted on a wall.  The manual lever enables you to transfer considerable force with minimal effort.  Scotchman offers four manual models:  AL1, AL2, AL3 and AL-U.

2.  The electric drive notching machine is ideal for rigorous use.  The motor forms one unit with the special eccentric shaft that drives the notching tool.  The motor is fitted with an on/off switch with zero-voltage protection and a guard.  Scotchman offers two electric drive machines:  AL1-2E and AL1-2U

3.  The construction quality of a welded tube depends largely on correct preparation.  With the Scotchman abrasive pipe notcher/grinder, quality is easily achieved.  Just place a pipe in the clamp, which is mounted on a compound carriage, and grind a diameter and/or any shape of pipe accurately and efficiently to the desired angle.  The abrasive grinders are sturdy, precise machines which operate at high speeds so stainless-steel sections can be machined problem free without grinding burrs or heat discoloration.  These machines are constructed so the grinding roller and the grinding belt can be changed easily and quickly without tools, saving you time and money.  Scotchman offers three models:  AL100U-01 AL100U-02 and the AL 150.

The Scotchman Pipe Notchers by Almi are quick, easy, inexpensive cost savers that are accurate on all material thicknesses and all types of material.  They are easy to operate and are ideal for tubes and sections.  The grinding rollers are easy to change, and the grinding belt is quickly tightened and easily adjusted.  Once the sections of pipe have been ground they can be deburred using the handy deburring table on top of the machine.  Scotchman Pipe Notchers are backed with Scotchman’s Best-in-the Business, 3 Year Warranty.

Scotchman Industries was founded in 1967, and has been providing quality materials and construction, dependable performance, competitive pricing, and service to its consumers ever since.  As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt.