ROMAC HRC Announces “EZCan” Line of Modular Custom Electrical Enclosures

ROMAC Hardware Resource Company (HRC), a division of ROMAC that manufactures mounting hardware kits for molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs), announces its new line of UL-listed EZCan modular custom electrical enclosures.

When combined with ROMAC HRC’s EZCan hardware mounting kits, the EZCan line can safely and cost effectively house most major electrical OEMs’ circuit breakers between 250A and 1200A at costs far below OEM list price and with significantly less lead time.

“Our first customers were switchgear builders, electrical distributors, and electrical contractors who needed mounting hardware and enclosures that were either unavailable from the original manufacturer or were prohibitively expensive,” explains David Rosenfield, President of ROMAC, supplier of custom, new, and surplus electrical equipment for industry. “ROMAC HRC continues to fill the gap with manufacturing experience, flexibility of design, and reasonable cost through its new EZCan line of UL-listed modular MCCB enclosures.”

EZCan enclosures and hardware mounting kits are sold through ROMAC’s nationwide network of dealers and distributors. For more information about the EZCan line of enclosures or hardware mounting kits or to locate a dealer near you, visit, or call 1-800-77-ROMAC.


ROMAC Hardware Resource Company (HRC) has been manufacturing mounting hardware kits for molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) since 1977. ROMAC HRC now sells a full line of EZCan MCCB mounting gear and universal MCCB enclosures through a nationwide network of dealers and distributors. Let ROMAC HRC show you what our many customers have already discovered: Highest quality + competitive prices + sound inventory = ROMAC HRC