Pad Print Machinery of Vermont

Pad Print Machinery of Vermont leads the field in custom automation and is proud to introduce the latest version of an automated–Stress ball printer for the Promotional Products industry.
Features include: automated rotary table
custom software and touch screen graphic interface capable of 3,000 parts per hour
two sealed inks cups for printing two job simultaneous or same job at double time
four specialized fixtures with smaller sleeve inserts print on multiple size stress balls
auto unload chute quick setup for short production runs small footprint
This is just one of the many “Engineered Printing Solutions” from Pad Print Machinery of Vermont and their continuing commitment to helping clients find better printing solutions.
For more information about this Pad Print Machinery of Vermont’s custom solutions or our full line of standard pad print machines, ink jet printers, inks, pads, clichés and other auxiliary equipment and automation options, visit or call 800-272-7764 or e-mail