NEW & IMPROVED SCOTCHMAN® CPO 315 RFA – Fully Automatic Roller Feed Saw

Scotchman® Industries is pleased to introduce a NEW & IMPROVED CPO 315 Roller Feed Automatic Cold Saw.  The RFA is a fully automatic cold saw that provides uninterrupted cutting on tubing, solids, and extrusions and supplies the highest quality of cuts.  This machine now comes with NEW touch screen controls which make the saw easier to operate.  New added features decrease cycle times, making this saw faster than ever before!  The RFA now has the ability to store profile settings such as speeds & feeds, which make changing material sizes faster.  This machine is ideal for high volume and long length applications that require very accurate and clean cuts.

The CPO 315 RFA comes equipped with either a supply table or a full bundle loading attachment.  The standard supply table has been improved to accept raw stock loading of material lengths now from as little as 30 inches up to 24 feet.  Either system allows the saw to automatically load, trim, cut and sort lengths up to 120″ (60″ is standard) and hold ± .006 in lengths of tubing up to 3 inch in diameter.  With optional equipment you can feed directly into a deburring machine or acquire form jaws that can handle thin wall applications without distortion.  The CPO 315 RFA Saws are available in ferrous and non-ferrous models.

Scotchman Industries was founded in 1967, and has been providing quality materials and construction, dependable performance, competitive pricing, and service to its consumers ever since.  As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt.