Multiquip Rammers

Multiquip has built a reputation on manufacturing the most innovative, lowest maintenance and most productive rammers in the in the industry.  Multiquip’s rammers all have the following components:

  • Long-lasting composite clutch
  • Built-in hourmeter/tachometer
  • Unique throttle control
  • Cyclonic Air Filtration System

Four-Cycle Rammers

Multiquip’s four-cycle rammers are designed for high efficiency with lower exhaust emissions, less noise and better fuel economy than standard two-cycle rammers.

There is no need for mixed fuel! The engine is lubricated through the crankcase instead of through the fuel, so no oil is burned in the cylinder, reducing carbon buildup and minimizing gumming problems.

Diesel Powered Rammers

Multiquip’s diesel-powered rammers are perfect for heavy-duty compaction work—and on job sites where diesel fuel is required. Multiquip diesel-powered rammers are the ideal solution for job sites with hazardous conditions, such as petrochemical plants and fuel refineries, where gasoline-powered equipment is restricted.