INVelink, bringing sellers and buyers of excess inventory together

INVelink, bringing sellers and buyers of excess inventory together. Linking a source to a need. Join us and realize the benefits of a site focused solely on excess inventory (slow moving, obsolete, specials…) that hurts a manufacturer’s bottom line. Manufacturers struggle with communicating their excess inventory efficiently and effectively to their distribution channel. We serve as a portal to facilitate manufacturers selling excess inventory specifically to their distribution network.

Manufacturer to Distributor

  • Register, list your excess inventory and let us invite your distribution to participate on INVelink.
  • Authorize, review and manage your distribution allowing them to purchase your inventory from the site.
  • INVelink Benefits:
    • Easily upload inventory information individually or via an excel spreadsheet.
    • Listings are categorized by your description, thereby easily reached, sorted and searched by your distribution.
    • Communication services at work for you, in the form e-mails, INVelink advertising, and available on-line advertising, create exposure and provide your distribution with inventory updates (new listings, price changes…).
    • INVelink transactions are easy and simple!
      • List Items
      • Add items
      • Edit items (periodic inventory level updates and price changes)
      • Manage Distribution
      • Process orders: your distributors view, select inventory to purchase and check out using a shopping cart. Your inventory levels on our site are automatically adjusted at “Check Out”.
      • Ship and invoice orders: Upon “Check Out” a confirmation is sent to the buyer and seller, via e-mail. The manufacturer processes and invoices the order through normal channels.
  • A Quarterly listing fee and commission fee (only for items sold) produce a cost effective and fair way to charge for services.

INVelink is a site designed to improve your gross profits and bottom line by bringing sellers and buyers of excess inventory together. Linking a need to a source and changing the way business manages excess inventory. We look forward to welcoming you!

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