Crenlo introduces new rack-mounted power, blower and lighting

ROCHESTER, Minn. (February 8, 2011) — Crenlo, a Dover company (NYSE:DOV), is pleased to announce the introduction of new power, airflow and lighting accessories for enclosure products, including a 30-amp high-current power distribution unit (PDU), a rack-mounted blower and a lineup of new rack lighting configurations.

The accessories are available for integration into Crenlo’s standard lineup of Emcor® enclosures as well as Crenlo’s custom enclosure solutions. They can also be used with a customer’s existing enclosures, consoles and racks from other manufacturers.

“We introduced these accessories with IT professionals in mind,” said Steven Leidig, manager of enclosure engineering for Crenlo. “With evolving technology creating increased IT demands, racks are becoming packed full of more power-thirsty electronics, and our customers need plenty of power capacity, good airflow and adjustable lighting for them to better service their equipment.”

High-current PDU

The high-current PDU is a new addition to Crenlo’s existing lineup of 15-amp and 20-amp PDUs. It offers 30 amps of power distribution at 120V with a dual-circuit design and a total of 24 outlets — 12 on each circuit. The built-in, universal T-slot mounting rail allows several mounting options in tight spaces and comes complete with stand-off brackets, cable ties and hardware. The high-current PDU meets all applicable UL and ITE standards and comes with a two-year product warranty.

Rack-mounted enclosure blower

Crenlo’s new rack-mounted blower utilizes 2U of rack space and provides 250 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow at 60 Hz. Mounted at the bottom of a cabinet, the blower draws cool air from beneath the floor and circulates it to the front of IT equipment, reducing cabinet hot spots by up to 15 degrees. The blower runs on  115 VAC power and fits any EIA-310-compliant cabinet. An optional filter reduces micron particles by 80 percent, providing cleaner air to sensitive electronics.

Rack-mounted lights

Crenlo’s new rack-mounted lights utilize 1U of rack space and provide illumination for an entire rack of electronic equipment, enabling the user to adjust illumination by dimmer switch while performing service to electronics. The customer can choose a rack-mount panel consisting of one or two 12-inch goosenecks with either high-intensity (5-watt halogen) or low-intensity LED bulbs. Rack-mount lights have a 12-volt power supply with a 6-foot cord. Customers can select from four preconfigured rack-mount lights or build their own configurations using their choice of rack-mount panels, goosenecks and bulbs.

Lamp sets

Crenlo’s lamp sets can be utilized to provide lighting on a specific area within a rack, without taking up any rack space. Lamp sets are available in 12- and 18-inch goosenecks with either high-intensity (5-watt halogen) or low intensity LED bulbs, adjustable on a dimmer switch. With a snap-mount set included, the lamp sets are easily mountable and easily removable.

“These new accessories further exemplify our ability to configure enclosures specific to the needs of our customer,” said Leidig. “We take pride in working with our customers to build the best solutions for their individual applications.”

Crenlo offers eight standard product lines, under the Emcor brand of enclosures, which can be modified to meet specific needs of most applications. For customer needs that fall outside of the standard Emcor product offering, Crenlo also offers custom enclosure solutions to meet the specific requirements of any application, ranging from inverter enclosures to package drop boxes. Crenlo has nearly 60 years of experience providing enclosure solutions to meet the needs of their diverse customer base.

About Crenlo, LLC: Crenlo®, a Dover Company, is a leading manufacturer within the industries it serves under its two respective businesses: Crenlo cab and roll-over protective structures (ROPS) and Crenlo enclosure solutions.

Crenlo’s cab business serves top OEM construction, agriculture and commercial equipment manufacturers with over 60 years experience as the leading North American manufacturer of operator cabs and ROPS. Under Crenlo’s enclosure business, top companies in the technology, aerospace, data communications, test and measurement, energy, industrial and defense industries put trust in Crenlo to meet exacting standards with high-quality dependable solutions for protecting electronic equipment with their standard line of Emcor® enclosures and consoles, as well as Crenlo’s custom enclosure solutions. Since its founding, Crenlo has been committed to its customers, striving to provide “best in class” product design, tooling services and manufacturing engineering excellence.

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