Carell  Introduces SIH-PBS Series Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Rolling Machines

Carell Corporation introduces the SIH-PBS Series 3 roll, double pinch, hydraulic plate rolls with a capacity range of  6′ to 12′ long – 1/2″ to 3″  thick.  The SIH-PBS Control Console has a Siemens TP170 Touch Screen Display W/ 4 Digital Readouts and Microprocessor Controlled Automatic Leveling & Inclination of  the Lower Rolls. 3 Rolls are Driven by Independent Direct Coupled Hydraulic Drives for near 100% torque delivery to the work-piece. The Electronic Proportional Balancing System maintains roll parallelism or cone incline via PLC which is  simple, reliable, precise, eliminates maintenance, and reduces moving parts by up to 80% over torsion balanced systems.

LED Displays which monitor both ends of lower rolls and 3 Speed Rotation are standard. Superior features also include Automatic Lateral Roll Inclination for Cones, Spherical Roller Bearings, Force Lubricated for Smooth, Efficient, Energy Saving Operation, Rectilinear Inclined Guides with non-metallic gibbs for a Rugged and Simple design which delivers Max Cylinder Tonnage to the Rolls, Massive Reinforced Single Weldment End Frames provide Superior Rigidity and Strength plus a Forced Central Lubrication System.

For more detailed information visit  www. or call directly to Carell Corporation at 251-937-0948.