Buckeye Shapeform’s FC Series Deemed Functional, Cost-Effective and Versatile

Lockheed Martin Chooses Buckeye for its LMG-6



COLUMBUS, Ohio—Buckeye Shapeform’s FC Series rackmount aluminum enclosures are flexible and durable and were recently used for Lockheed Martin’s weather data technology device.

The FC Series is a functional, cost effective family of aluminum enclosures designed to house electronics for 19” rack mount applications. These easily customized cases come in unique heights, widths and depths. Custom painting, machining/milling, silk screen, inserts, fasteners and graphic overlays are also provided if needed. The Compact 1U housing design provides a space-saving platform for use in larger rack applications. The FC-A version provides internal mounting holes for direct attachment of equipment inside the case. All FC-B cases come standard with extruded side panels for extra strength and rigidity. The FC-B versions 2, 3 and 4 use the same strong design platform, but they are space-saving and attractive desktop units.

For example, Lockheed Martin, a leading international supplier of expendable weather data gathering instruments for government and military customers, called upon Buckeye Shapeform to build a customized enclosure for its LMG-6, an advanced technology device used to capture radio signals from weather balloons and satellites. Lockheed Martin needed an enclosure that was 3.5” x 11”, an atypical size for enclosures. Buckeye Shapeform was able to modify its FC Series enclosure to fulfill all of Lockheed Martin’s requirements and specifications.  Since then, Buckeye Shapeform has designed the enclosure for each new version of the LMG-6.

“Since first designing the LMG-6 enclosure in 2009, Lockheed Martin has chosen us to design each variant of the LMG-6,” said Buckeye Shapeform President Ken Tumblison.  “We are proud of our long-lasting partnership with Lockheed Martin.”

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