MILWAUKEE, Wis.– Those searching for flow measurement solutions compatible with very viscous or highly corrosive fluids have a new, precise choice from Badger Meter – the industrial oval gear flow meter, Model IOG.

A leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced metering and flow measurement solutions, Badger Meter is launching a new line of inline and flanged oval gear meters and industrial registers for a variety of applications including petroleum-based fluids, water solutions and other highly viscous fluids.

These industrial flow meters are available in two different construction materials: aluminum with liquid crystal polymer gears (for petroleum, non-acids, oil, paint and ink applications); and stainless steel with stainless steel gears (for cosmetic, acid, water mix and fertilizer applications). The initial product offering will include ½ inch,

¾ inch and 1 inch sizes with inline National Pipe Thread (NPT) and British Straight Pipe Thread (BSP) or flanged in 150, 300 and DIN 16.

Oval Gear Meters Offer High Accuracy, High Quality, Low Maintenance and Flexibility

The Model IOG is designed to withstand extreme conditions where conventional meters fail. It is ideal for high-viscosity liquid, and it provides extremely high accuracy, even in low flow environments. The simple design requires little maintenance.

With an accuracy rate of ±.5 percent, the Badger Meter Model IOG meets or exceeds industry accuracy requirements. It can be installed in tight spaces either vertically or horizontally and does not require a straight run of pipe or flow conditioning. The industrial oval gear meters operate up to 800 PSI.


Durable, Versatile Industrial Oval Gear Meter Register Options

The Badger Meter industrial oval gear meter registers are as robust as their oval gear meter counterparts; they are protected with a strong, shock-resistant housing and powered by a lithium battery with an expected life of five years. Four new register options are available for use with the new industrial oval gear meter including the ILR 700 Standard Register, ILR 710 Single Pulse Output, ILR 720 Dual Pulse Output, and ILR 730 Analog Output. The ILR 710 adds a scalable pulse output to the standard register whereas the ILR 720 adds a quadrature (dual)


pulse output that can be used to detect direction of flow and has external reset input. The ILR 730 has an analog 4-20mA output, representing the flow rate of the meter. Each register features a large display mounted to the meter and can be rotated in 90 degree increments for easy reading in any application.

The industrial oval gear meter register displays the exact amount of fluid that has passed through the meter, accurate up to three decimal places. Magnets on the oval gear meters cause the reed switches to send pulses to the register as they rotate. A microprocessor in the register then measures the flow and displays either the batch totalization or the flow rate of fluid going through the meter on a six-digit display.

Each register can be programmed to batch in pints, quarts, liters or gallons and will totalize in liters or gallons.  And, unlike mechanical registers, these units can be electronically recalibrated in the field, if necessary.

Optionally, the ER420 register can be mounted to the meter directly or used remotely.

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