New LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonders Create Limitless Opportunities for Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Henkel has introduced LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonders, innovative adhesives powered by a patented Hybrid technology that combines the most critical attributes of structural, instant and epoxy adhesives – bond strength, speed and durability. This powerful combination provides improved performance on a variety of substrates, and the versatility to solve a wide range of maintenance repair challenges.  Offering performance and versatility, LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders greatly expand the capabilities of traditional adhesives. These innovative hybrids provide solutions for plant managers, maintenance managers and operators looking for fast, durable, general-purpose repair with a range of substrates and in all types of operating conditions.

The maintenance industry is under constant pressure to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and look for new solutions that keep plants running smoothly and safely. LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders are designed to reach beyond conventional approaches, and help tackle the most challenging repair situations.

LOCTITE HY 4070™ Repair Adhesive offers ultra-fast fixture with high-strength performance, excellent gap-fill, and good temperature, humidity and chemical resistance. Designed for a variety of substrates, including metals, most plastics and rubbers, LOCTITE HY 4070™ is a must-have in any maintenance toolbox. This product is available as a 10 ml ready-to-use pack.

LOCTITE HY 4060 GY™ Repair Adhesive is a 5-minute, general-purpose universal bonder that is machinable and works across a wide variety of substrates, including plastics. It provides long-lasting, high-performance durability, fast fixture, excellent low-temperature cure and enhanced safety. This product is available as a 25 ml cartridge ready-to-use pack.

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About LOCTITE Adhesives

Industrial adhesives are radically changing the world of manufacturing, and LOCTITE adhesives have been at the forefront of innovation. For over 60 years, LOCTITE products have dramatically increased the reliability of threaded and bonded assemblies. From design engineering to front-line production and maintenance, the LOCTITE brand offers solutions for every step in the process. To see how LOCTITE adhesives are transforming manufacturing and maintenance processes, visit

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