Tanis Technologies introduces NEW modular accessories for Module-Air

Tanis Technologies introduced a ‘Fresh Take on Air Filtration’ last year with their totally new Module-Air product line.  Tanis’ patent pending design features modular intake options and bolt on accessories helped this product quickly gain popularity because Module-Air is able to fit unique applications while still using standard accessories, which helps to reduce cost as well as lead time to the customer.

Since introducing the Module-Air line Tanis has been developing more and more accessories that build off their common design theme and make it even easier for these ceiling mounted air cleaners to fit specific processes and applications.  Some of the latest accessories include bolt on hood attachments, and third stage filter modules for applications requiring carbon filters or extremely high efficiency filtration.

The Module-Air product line offers a wide range of air filtration solutions and Tanis Technologies is currently seeking more professional distributors to help support this products rapidly growing demand.

If you are interested in learning more about Module-Air or the opportunities of becoming a distributor, please visit www.TanisTechnologies.com or contact Tanis Technologies with the information below.

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