Sweed Making Scrap History Through POG Recycling

Gold Hill, OR – Zero-waste-to-landfill is the latest catch phrase among businesses today, and Sweed Machinery is helping companyies in all industries get a handle on their scrap and achieve their scrap recycling goals.

Sweed Machinery designs and manufactures recycling equipment to meet a broad range of applications including: steel banding, PET strapping, punch press stamping, slitter edge trim, and tube scarf. These types of manufacturing byproducts can be an unruly mess in their original state and as a result end up in landfills or can cause employee injuries. However, Sweed® Scrap Choppers cut the scrap into small manageable pieces, preparing it for recycling, keeping it out of the garbage and keeping employees safe. Streamlining waste for recycling purposes may seem like a challenge at first, but it is easily done when you adopt scrap choppers and POG recycling into your facility.

Point-of-generation (POG) recycling is a cost-efficient way to dispose of manufacturing byproducts and can be implemented in most facilities. Companies that dispose of linear scrap (steel or plastic banding, scarf, slitter trim, extrusions, etc.) should place a scrap chopper in each location the scrap is being generated so that it can be processed immediately and not accumulate and require additional handling. Facilities that are producing scrap off a production line usually can marry a chopper into their existing line, further enhancing efficiency. The combination of scrap choppers and POG recycling can increase production times, shop safety, and create additional production space.

Instead of having a large, centrally located recycling machine, or even worse, not addressing the problem at all and letting scrap consume your facility, companies can tackle scrap at the point it’s being generated. The POG recycling method encourages companies to have one scrap processor in each location where scrap is produced so it can be disposed of as soon as it’s created.

Companies can introduce POG recycling into all aspects of their business by evaluating where the byproducts are being produced—the loading dock, the receiving area, and individual stations within a production line are a few places to start. If employees are handling byproducts more than once, then streamlining the handling of scrap should be considered to improve the overall safety and efficiency of the facility and to truly be lean.

Reduced Worker’s Compensation claims, reduced dumpster fees, reduced labor costs, more efficient housekeeping, money for processed scrap, and achieving zero-waste-to-landfill goals—anyway you look at it, Sweed scrap choppers will help you achieve your recycling and safety goals.

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