Scotchman’s Best-in-the-Business 3-Year Warranty

Scotchman Industries®, with 43 years of manufacturing experience, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of hydraulic ironworkers in the USA.  Scotchman recently extended their machine warranty to three years, demonstrating confidence in the quality of their products.  Scotchman now has the Best-in-the Business, 3-Year Warranty on all Ironworkers, Cold Saws, and Band Saws! This is just one reason why Scotchman is “The Solution PREFERRED by Metal Fabricators”.

For over 40 years, Scotchman has been turning ideas into products that help metal fabricators do things easier & more efficiently.  Their company goal is to produce quality products that satisfy customer needs.  The results can be seen in a product line that represents solutions.

Metal fabricators choose Scotchman for QUALITY, POWER, DEPENDABILITY and VERSATILITY.  Scotchman is preferred not only for quality products, but ease of doing business.  And, of course, Scotchman’s product line is American-Made!

  • Easy Financing: It’s easy to buy or lease—on the terms you need—with Scotchman’s in-house financing, Scotchman Credit Corp.
  • Easy Operation: Scotchman products are known for their versatility, flexibility and dependability with more standard features & optional tooling.  This helps keep costs down and productivity and profit up.
  • Easy Delivery: All Scotchman machines are American-Made…GUARANTEED!
  • Easy Service: Scotchman is now offering a 3-YEAR WARRANTY on all Ironworkers, Cold Saws & Band Saws.

Scotchman Industries was founded in 1967, and has been providing quality materials and construction, dependable performance, competitive pricing, and service to its consumers since the beginning.  As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt.