SCOTCHMAN® Features the CPO 350 Circular Cold Saw with Laser Saw Guide

Scotchman® Industries is pleased to feature the American-made, CPO 350 Circular Cold Saw, which features a double clamping and self-centering vise that provides burr-free, high quality, volume parts.  This saw has 135° mitering ability and a miter-locking device that automatically stops at 45° left, 90º straight, and 45° right, giving it the ability to slot and notch.  Additional machine features include:   a NEW chip drawer, the Best-in-the-Business Three-Year Warranty, a double reduction gearbox, and a two-speed motor which utilizes up to a 14” diameter blade giving it a 4-7/8” OD round capacity.  This machine is built with dependability and versatility in mind.

A NEW optional feature for the CPO 350 Cold Saw is the Laser Saw Guide for circular cold saws.  This industrial grade laser light minimizes set-up time and ensures the material is being sawed to the correct length and squareness by helping the operator see the line marked for cutting.  Now increase your productivity and operator efficiency with this new optional feature.  Lining up and cutting to your desired length has never been easier!

Scotchman Industries was founded in 1967, and has been providing quality materials and construction, dependable performance, competitive pricing, and service to its consumers for over 40 years.  As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt.