PECO Pallet Crossing Borders — Shipping to Mexico

January 24, 2011 (Yonkers, NY): PECO Pallet is now shipping its signature red wood block pallets to manufacturers and retailers in Mexico. In December 2010, the company registered “PECO Pallet México” as a legal entity and an authorized Importer of Record. This enables PECO Pallet’s customers to easily transport goods on PECO pallets across the U.S. border to and from Mexico.

PECO Pallet is a national leader in pallet rental services and provides millions of pallets to major manufacturers throughout North America. The company’s recent incorporation enables PECO to expand services to customers throughout Mexico.

David Lee, CEO of PECO Pallet, stated, “We are excited about our recent growth in Mexico. This represents the next step in our company’s service expansion. Manufacturers and retailers throughout Mexico will now have the opportunity to partner with a pallet provider that is truly committed to providing high quality pallets and unparalleled customer service.”

PECO Pallet has established a manufacturing base in Mexico, with a plant in Guadalajara that will manufacture, repair, and store PECO Pallets. Pallets built in Mexico can be shipped either to the U.S. or to Mexico, depending on customer needs. To comply with international regulations, PECO Pallet applies certified heat treatments to all pallets shipping into Mexico and also to pallets shipping back to the United States.

PECO Pallet customers have already begun shipping on PECO pallets into Costco Wholesale’s five locations in Baja California and its 27 other stores throughout Mexico. PECO representatives are also working to gain acceptance at other U.S. retailers in Mexico as well as major Mexican retailers.

About PECO Pallet:

PECO Pallet is a national leader in pallet rental services. Over 95% of grocery, warehouse, club and discount retailers throughout the United States currently utilize PECO’s signature red block pallets. PECO Pallet’s tremendous growth over the last decade reflects the company’s overall commitment to exceptional quality and genuine passion for customer service excellence. PECO is headquartered in New York and maintains 136 product service centers and manufacturing plants throughout North America. For more information about PECO Pallet, visit