Go Green With The New eco6 Guard HVLS Fan MacroAir Technologies introduces their newest environmentally friendly High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan

MacroAir Technologies has unveiled the latest in high volume low speed (HVLS) industrial fan technology with the release of the new eco6 Guard Fan, the greenest industrial fan on the market.  Offering unprecedented energy efficiency, the eco6 Guard fan operates on less than 25¢ per day.  Small, efficient and productive, it produces up to 29,551 cubic feet of air per minute.

Founded by Walter Boyd, the inventor of HVLS commercial fan technology, and a family-owned company since its inception in 1995, MacroAir combines technology with a unique application of the laws of physics to produce air-circulating fans for use in large industrial, commercial, and agricultural/farm buildings.

Although MacroAir has been producing HVLS air circulating fans for more than ten years, the application is somewhat new and unknown.  Nothing feels better on a hot day than a gentle breeze.  People have been aware of this for thousands of years, long before the application of modern physics.  It was logical then, that with the advent of the electric motor, that fans would be one of the first things to be mechanized.

At some point however, engineers became so focused on using speed to increase fan displacement – the cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) moved through the fan – that some important physics-based issues were overlooked.  High velocity air movement, the wind created, is both unpleasant and disruptive.  Further, air speed beyond four or five miles per hour usually offers little, if any, additional cooling benefit. In fact, in very hot, low humidity conditions, very slow moving air actually cools best.

Displacement, the amount of air actually moved through a fan, is of no real significance. Instead, it is the down-stream effects of that air movement that are important. A turbulent, high velocity air jet dissipates very quickly.  A large column of air simply travels farther than a small one.  MacroAir’s HVLS fans work by generating a large column of air that flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees.  This large, slow moving air mass moves throughout the space, mixing and circulating air more efficiently without generating the noise and dust created by other industrial fans.

Because comparable high-speed fans focus on using their speed to increase fan displacement, a commercial fan delivering air at 20 mph requires about 64 times as much power as one of the same size delivering air at 5 mph.  In keeping with the company’s assertion that it offers the “greenest fans on earth,” the eco6 Guard Fan uses only 3/8 horsepower while maintaining the lowest kW draw (.265kW).  This energy efficiency is not only better for the environment, but provides savings in both heating and air conditioning costs.

In environments where air conditioning is not feasible or possible, Macro-Air HVLS fans provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative.  When used in conjunction with air conditioning systems, HVLS fans can significantly reduce cooling costs.  Under moderate heat conditions, the industrial fans can be run without any air conditioning, cutting operating costs as much as 90% versus air conditioning.  On hot days, the industrial fans can be run with the air conditioning thermostat set 10 to 15 degrees warmer while still achieving an equivalent cooling effect.

HVLS commercial fans can also substantially cut operating costs during winter months by mixing air to eliminate varying temperatures at different levels in a building.  They also offer efficient ventilation, minimizing the loss of warm or cool air, as well.

Other features of the eco6 Guard Fan include single or variable speed options, easy mountability, and versatile tilt positioning to provide optimal air movement.  Macro-Air also provides a 12-year service life warranty, the most extensive warranty in the industry.  In an effort to provide HVLS fans that offer functionality, simplicity and durability, Macro-Air industrial fans use standard components that are available over the counter, making parts easy to obtain and install and ensuring that customers are not bound to high pricing associated with any custom components.

For more information about the eco6 Guard Fan and to view a video demonstration of its air movement, visit: http://www.macro-air.com/products/eco6-guard-fan.

Jaylin Krell, Marketing Administrator

Macro-Air Technologies

(909) 890-2270