Wilson Tool now offers conventional press brake tooling and Ironworker punches and dies manufactured by Exacta.

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MINN. (February 16, 2011) – The world’s leading independent tooling supplier, Wilson Tool International, is pleased to announce the availability of Exacta product lines through its distribution network to customers throughout North America. Wilson Tool now offers Exacta conventional press brake and Ironworker tooling.

Exacta Conventional Press Brake Tooling Goes to Great Lengths

Exacta conventional press brake tooling is offered in a variety of styles for most press brake models on the market today. These durable punches and dies can be manufactured in one-piece lengths up to 20 ft. with the same hardness, finishes and tolerances expected of sectionalized precision tooling. Stock tools are available in lengths up to13 ft., but standard and special shapes can be manufactured and cut to any length required.

Heavy Metals Are No Problem for Exacta Ironworker Tooling

Exacta Ironworker punches and dies are built to withstand the rigors of cutting, punching, notching and bending heavier gauge materials. Also known as plate steel punches and dies, Ironworker punches and dies are available from Wilson Tool for most types and models of Ironworker machines.

All Exacta conventional press brake tooling and Ironworker tooling are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards at the company’s facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For more information about these, or other Exacta tooling products offered by Wilson Tool, contact a Wilson Tool sales engineer at 800.328.9646 or visit www.wilsontool.com