DEWALT Unveils New Pin Anchor Drive System Reducing the Number of Steps Required to Set an Anchor

TOWSON, Md. (Jan. 19, 2011) ­ Today, DEWALT announces the launch of its new Pin Anchor Drive System (DW5517PAD), which has been engineered to reduce contractors¹ frustrations associated with attaching anchors to concrete, including hammering overhead to set an anchor, bending an anchor while hammering or damaging the surface when installing into brick. The new Pin Anchor System‹proprietary with DEWALT SDS Plus 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch drill bits‹is ideal for mechanical, masonry, concrete, electrical and general contractors who commonly use pin anchors to fasten PVC pipe, conduit, unistrut and other light loads requiring 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch holes. This is also ideal for tight areas where a contractor cannot always fit a hammer into the space.

Contractors rely on us to develop solutions that address their concerns and ultimately lead to increased productivity on the jobsite, explained Maurice LaPointe, product manager, DEWALT. After talking to professionals about the issues they face when it comes to attaching anchors to concrete during rough in, we saw an opportunity to develop our new Pin Anchor System, which reduces the number of steps required to setan anchor and eliminates the need for additional hammering by the contractor.

By using a rotary hammer to drive an anchor into the hole, the innovative DW5517PAD eliminates several steps, including users having to put their rotary hammer down and locate their hammer in order to finish the application.

Once users have drilled a hole into concrete using their DEWALT rotary hammer, the pin anchor sleeve slides over the SDS Plus bit and locks into place. When the sleeve is locked and the pin anchor is in place, the rotary hammer drives the anchor into the hole, eliminating the need for any additional hammering.

The Pin Anchor System will be available at all DEWALT retailers beginning in January 2011, and it is expected to retail for approximately $30. For more information visit: