Coil Winding Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition 2011

“Electric Coils are actually far more important than IPhones, Computers, Aeroplanes, Trains or Cars.  Why?  If you remove the coils, transformers and electric motors from these items then they stop.  Remove the coils from generators and we have no electricity and we revert to the technology of the 19th Century.

Coil Winding Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition 2011 (CWIEME) which takes place in Berlin, Germany on 24th to 26th May 2011 is the largest exhibition of its type in the World and is completely dedicated to the production and repair of electric coils, transformers and electric motors.

660 companies from nearly 40 countries in 450 individual stands will display products from insulation materials, coil winding machines, testers, design software through to magnet wire, laminations and electrical steel to many more different items.

CWIEME Berlin 2011 is larger than all the other Coil Winding Exhibitions in the World added together.

Two Conference Areas presenting over 40 different high level technical papers are situated in 2 of the four exhibition halls.

61% of delegates who attend CWIEME Berlin 2011 will be from outside of Germany.  The Exhibition may be held in Germany but it is a very international Exhibition.

The same management also presents Coil Winding Exhibitions in China, India and the USA.”