Custom Parallel Shaft Geared Motors and Drives from ABM Drives

Custom Parallel Shaft Geared Motors and Drives from ABM Drives

ABM Drives offers compact parallel-shaft motor and drive designs for small spaces and quiet running requirements. Precision ground gearing provides for low noise and extended life. Tight-fitting housing covers and flanges prevent distortions that can amplify noise. Aluminum housings absorb harmonics and other vibrations better than cast iron. Typical applications include crane hoist travel drive units; biomass-heating auger drives, and warehouse logistics that require dynamic response, low vibration and maintenance-free operation.

The FG series offers two motor and drive lines to achieve different requirements in speed and precision:

The PROFI-LINE offers two travel speeds. Pole-switching motors (8/2- pole) with specially designed windings and rotors allow for safe soft start. Typical applications are the low-vibration transport of sheet metal and coils or handling of cases, containers and components in assembly lines.

The AUTOMATION-LINE is designed for variable speeds. For inverter use, 4-pole motors can be operated with an 87 Hz-characteristic. Acceleration and deceleration ramps can be adjusted individually via the controller. The exceptionally soft start and braking characteristic of the drive units minimize load swings. AUTOMATION-LINE drive units are especially well suited for use in the glass industry, handling of paper coils or insertion of molds or other large tools.

Technical Data: Motor type 1- or 3-phase asynchronous motor / SINOCHRON® Motor, Rated output 0.03 – 7.5 kW, Torque 50 – 2300 Nm, Output speed 2.2 – 400 rpm, Ratio 6.96 – 2022, Frequency 50 / 60 Hz or variable speed with inverter operation, Number of poles 2 – 8-pole / Two-speed, Protection class up to IP66, Mounting options for Flange and slip-on gear versions or four-point mounting.


ABM DRIVES INC. engineers and manufacturers high-performance motor, gearbox, brake and frequency inverter solutions for machines, plants and mobile devices in hoisting technology, warehousing, material handling, electric vehicles, biomass heating systems, wind turbines and many other markets. Founded in 1927, the company belongs to the Senata Group with an annual turnover of nearly 400 million € and more than 2,000 employees. Approximately 300,000 drive units are produced annually. In-house manufacturing includes tool-and-die design, aluminum-casting foundry, CNC housing machining, manufacturer of shafts, cutting of gear teeth, motor development technology, assembly and final testing. For more information, visit