One Machine for Drilling a Gun Barrel & Reaming a Gun Barrel

The DeHoff G560-DR2 performs both gundrilling and reaming operations on gun barrels. After the barrels are gundrilled, a quick tooling changeover allows a pull-reaming operation to be performed using the same machine. The twin-spindle machine has a drilling capacity of 17 to 50 caliber and a slide travel of 60 inches (1524 mm).

DeHoff G560-DR2 gundrilling and reaming all in one machine

The G560-DR2 is part of a turnkey package of gun barrel manufacturing equipment offered by DeHoff, including machines for gundrilling, pull-reaming, button rifling, cut rifling, as well as tooling, heat treat ovens, and gaging equipment.

All DeHoff machines are Made-in-the-USA and feature a cast iron drill head base with hardened and ground steel box ways, plus hand-scraped and fitted saddle, gibs, and straps (versus linear guide ways and milled surfaces). This results in superior vibration damping, extended tool life, and improved surface finish.

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One Machine for Drilling & Reaming

The  DeHoff line of Gun Barrel machines are specifically customized and designed for the manufacture of gun barrels. We offer several different types of machines with options for caliber size, barrel length, and number of spindles to meet the particular barrel manufacturing needs. Our full turnkey package of equipment can be tailored to fit most any  production goal, budget needs and includes:

  • Gundrilling Machines
  • Reaming Machines
  • Tooling
  • Gundrilling & Reaming 2-in-1 Machines
  • Button Rifling Machines
  • Cut Rifling Machines
  • Heat Treat Ovens
  • Gaging Equipment