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Sky Hook Portable Lifting Ergonomic Devices

All Sky Hook Portable Industrial Lifting Devices offer safe and simple ways to lift up to 500 lbs in a variety of applications. The basic design of the Sky Hook portable lifts remains the same across our entire product line: the only difference is the style of base chosen to mount it in. Changing the base style gives the Sky Hook an unlimited level of versatility to adapt to all types of industrial lifting requirements.

Sky Hook Portable LiftWhile the Sky Hook portable lift can be modified to the limits of the customer’s imagination and lifting requirements, the standard design consists of a few main elements that allow it to stand out from the crowd as a unique, safe, and easy-to-use ergonomic lifting device. 

Lightweight Lifting Device Structured to Withstand Extreme Lifting
The core of the Sky Hook’s portable lift design is its structure. Built with only the highest quality structural steel tubing and featuring 100% welds, it can withstand extreme industrial lifting abuse while weighing as little as 26 lbs. Every component has built-in limitations that far exceed the lifting capacity of the Sky Hook–ensuring its ability to be the most trusted piece of equipment in the shop.

Sky Hook Portable Lifting Device Features
The Sky Hook portable lifts also boast many cool features like its fully lubricated swivel hook capable of rotating 360° with the touch of a finger, while supporting a 500 lb. load. It also has a swivel ergonomic handle and removable boom tube for easy storage.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Sky Hook is its spring brake design which gives it the ability to lift the load with true precision and accuracy. Our patented spring brake is a self-locking brake mechanism that prevents the load from ever free falling or lowering without the user’s permission–making it one of the safest lifting devices on the market.

Skyhook Portable Lifting Device Flexibility
The basic Sky Hook lift design shown below is found in all the Sky Hook models listed on the right. Each Sky Hook base (with the exception of the 8500 Series Tool Holder Base) utilizes the same exact Sky Hook. This gives users the flexibility to use the same Sky Hook over a variety of bases–fulfilling different needs within their specific process.

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