CCS-Inc. Provides Support for OS Upgrade

A premier international communications and information technology company has developed a specialized software platform to manage emergency calls. This company has relied on CCS-Inc. for over ten years to provide the commercial workstations, headsets, and keyboards (collectively known as consoles) needed to run the software and help first responders do their jobs.

css3Working with several local municipalities, the company recognized a need to upgrade its software to support newer operating systems so that it would remain compliant with changing governmental standards. Although the company’s main focus was to provide the updated version for future orders, it wished to transition a select few of its existing field consoles to newer operating systems as well.

The company understood this would be a major transition, and was concerned with downtime to its existing consoles, as most of these systems are mission-critical. With these factors in mind, the company turned to its hardware vendor and Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, CCS, to ensure a smooth upgrade.

To update the company’s existing Windows® XP field systems, CCS created a Windows Vista image and applied it to new hard drives that functioned as “upgrade kits.” This image allowed the systems to undergo css1the transition on site. To perform the installation, technicians simply replaced the current hard drive with the upgrade kit and rebooted the computer. At this point, the computer processes an automated operating system installation script created by CCS to set dozens of custom settings within Windows. Following this method minimized downtime because it required no other configuration.

To transition the company’s future systems from Windows XP to Vista, CCS performed a simple image change. In contrast, the later transition of future systems from Vista to Windows 7 involved a more detailed plan due to the need to upgrade system hardware. One step of this process included testing

the company’s proprietary image to ensure compatibility with the updated system. During the testing, CCS identified a problem and was able to work with the company to correct the issue before the systems went into production. By performing this troubleshooting, CCS saved the company a significant amount of time and money.

css2Cost Savings
Due in large part to improvements in Microsoft’s newer operating systems, the redesigned consoles are now more stable and less vulnerable to security threats. CCS’ role in the transition process resulted in the production of a higher performing system with a longer lifecycle.

CCS not only assisted in the upgrade process, but was also able to identify a more cost-effective hardware solution that resulted in a cost savings of 31% for the company. By partnering with CCS, the company can now deliver a better product at a lower cost to its customers.

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Founded in 1981, Comprehensive Computer Solutions is based in Christiansburg, VA. CCS-Inc. provides turnkey computing solutions for mission-critical applications in a wide variety of markets including manufacturing, energy, simulation, marine, oil & gas, and defense.

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